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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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website at this hour. the video was made at a town hall meeting in baltimore october 19th featuring a panel with pastor robert anderson on the right who quoted scripture saying homosexuality is worthy of death. he then drew this line to question 6. >> we don't vote against it, then we are approving these things that are worthy of death. >> reporter: sitting next to anderson was derek mccoy, executive director of maryland family alliance. other than a nod mccoy had no response, though the moderator of the family alliance town hall called the comments excellent as some applauded. >> anybody who is referring to gay and lesbian couples as being worthy of death in this conversation about question 6 should be disavowed. >> reporter: sultan shakir is political director of marylanders for maryland equality, the coalition supporting same sex marriage on the ballot. >> when somebody says something like that who is really trying to go to city hall and get a
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marriage license is worthy of death, i think it's very inappropriate. >> reporter: inflamed passions included this prince george's county police captain irene hukkins who hopes to marry her partner in maryland. she sent an e-mail blast saying this type of defensive behavior will not fly in maryland. >> those who practice such things are deserving of death. >> reporter: meanwhile pastor robert anderson has not responded to requests for interviews to explain hi worthy of death comments about back live now late today derek mccoy issued a written statement saying, "any attempt to imply that dr. anderson's reading of scripture was a call to harm gays and lesbians is false and serves as a distraction from the real issues of this campaign." anderson says his group is committed to dignity and respect of all people, but he
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says marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman and again the video does remain posted on the host church's website. we've got it up on as well. reporting live in hanover, maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. people up and down the east coast are tracking hurricane sandy and this video is just in from cuba as residents there are preparing for the storm. people in one proffiness were trimming trees, cleaning -- province were trimming trees and cleaning out drains. i'm in the weather center and everybody wants to know what's the latest track for the storm. >> the track has not changed much the next two days. of that it becomes more interesting. let's start with the satellite picture, very well defined eye as it went over kingston, jamaica, essentially over king stop, jamaica, with 80 mile-per- hour winds and 100 mile-per- hour gusts still a category 1 storm, but that's a pretty
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intense storm when it hits you directly. now it's headed for the eastern part of cuba, hurricane warnings in effect there as well as central bahamas. you can see the eye that formed just as it rolled across kingston, jamaica. so it's a pretty well organized storm. because of that we already have tropical storm warnings from ocean reef to sebastian inlet florida and tropical storm watches north and south of that on the east side of florida. the track again category 1 right now. it will go across eastern cuba. that hasn't changed since yesterday or the day before. by 2:00 thursday heads into the central bahamas. it does turn a little more to the north and west, becomes a category 1 again friday. it looks like thursday night and friday morning probably the worst times for florida in terms of rainfall and wind. then it begins to behave itself and goes out to sea. the deal is even if we go through the weekend, which i think we will without direct effect from sandy, it's next
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week that we're concerned about and we'll come back and talk about that in a bit. a $1 billion lawsuit announced today by a federal prosecutor against bank of america. the suit alleges that countrywide financial which was later bought by bank of america sold lousy moderns to fannie mae and freddie mac. the top federal prosecutor in manhattan accuses countrywide of knowingly handing out moderns to underqualified borrowers -- mortgages to underqualified borrowers which they later defaulted on. okay, drivers, you contributed to some $85 million collected from d.c. speed cameras. here's a mapof the top moneymakers, a nearly 10-mile stretch bed.c. and maryland accounting for more than 1/4 of the tickets. our bruce johnson spent the day with fed up drivers caught on camera who are fed up with those fines. >> it's a money issue. >> $300. >> i think the fees are
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outrageous. >> reporter: it's money most people say they could ill afford to lose in these tough economic times. >> 50, 150, and 100 this one's 50. i can't afford to pay them today. >> reporter: this speed camera in the 600 block of missouri avenue northwest issued 31,670 speeding tickets last fiscal year. this is only the seventh most productive camera. if you remember nothing else, you might want to keep in mind this is the no. 1 spot tore getting tickets in the city -- for getting tickets in the city, the 10-mile stretch of 295 between d.c. here and the maryland line that way. this speed camera, the one back there generated $16 million this year alone for the city's coffers. the city has collected 84 plus million dollars this year alone with these cameras. >> technically i just think it's a tax. >> reporter: the mayor and police chief say it's about safety, but the d.c. council is now considering a bill to lower
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the fines for most speeding tickets to a maximum $50. bruce johnson, 9news. the woman accused of taking police on that wild chase yesterday morning had just been released it turned out from a psychiatric facility last friday. all this is according to the prosecutors. police say they started tracking 27-year-old angela cobble when she was clocked going 93 miles an hour on i-66. then she was spotted eating a bar of soap while driving up to the walter reed medical center. she smashed into a car, then tried to run down an officer. cobble was arrested a few minutes later after smashing into a fence. >> a danger to the public and herself by her actions yesterday. >> a judge ordered her to be examined by a psychiatrist. now she's held without bond. a review hearing will be held next wednesday. new information tonight on the deadly consulate attack in
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libya. the tunisian government confirms the arrest of a suspect ali harzy of tunisia. the white house was told a militant group claimed responsibility just two hours after the attack happened. a state department e-mail indicates onshar claimed responsibility on facebook and twitter. >> posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence and i think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time. >> the social media post by onshar ahsharia also called for an attack on the u.s. embassy in tripoli. just 13 days left till the election and the candidates are spending nearly every waking hour trying to get your vote. >> we're going to pull an all nighter. >> i need you to vote. i need you to get your neighbors to vote. >> as they criss-cross the country both candidates plan to spend more time in one of the
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most hotly contested states, florida. almost one in three likely voters in the sunshine state is over the age of 65. so medicare and retirement benefits are big talkers over these last couple weeks. tonight virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli is expanding an investigation into possible statewide voter fraud. a pennsylvania man faces charges in rockingham county of throwing completed registration forms into the trash. that man worked for a company hired by republicans to conduct voter registration drivers. signs that the political climate is on fire, well, one leesburg couple found their romney sign actually burning in their front yard. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in leesburg where the political climate has heated up literally where one resident had her sign burned to ground. >> it was a little scary. >> reporter: a driver stopped to tell the stevens their yard sign was on fire. >> monday morning there was a knock on the the door. there was a huge fire -- knock
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at the door. there was a huge fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8 romney sign in their front yard. >> it is very disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them, you know. freedom of speech. what's wrong with them? >> reporter: this is a friendly leesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs up. sufew re, a gns have been stolen but never have they heard of one burning down. >> she has strong political beliefs and she's a good friend and she definitely has the right to put her signs up in her yard. >> reporter: stevens has since put up a much smaller sign. >> it's just nasty, you know. it's wrong. >> reporter: in leesburg surae chinn, 9 news now. coming your way at 7:00 we know aspirin can make a big difference when it comes to heart attacks, but now we're
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learning it can be a game changer for those fighting certain cancers as well. >> right after the break in this show of the monkey business is over for -- show the monkey business is over, details ahead. >> the stakes are high and the race is tight, virginia voters, do you know where tim kaine and george allen stand on important economic issues that will affect you, taxes, spending, sequestration? i'm peggy fox. i've got the answers coming up.
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coming up virginia and the economy, which senate candidate has the best plan for bringing in more jobs to the commonwealth?
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the tight senate race between former virginia governors tim kaine and george allenous track to be the nation's most expensive with $30 million spent by outside groups alone, but all those ads may be more confusing to voter. peggy fox talked to both candidates and found out where each of them stands on the
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critical budget issues. >> reporter: how would you create jobs as a united states senator? here's tim kaine's answer. >> level the playing field for small businesses. the job creators are not exxon mobil. the big tax breaks to those who don't create jobs. second i'd invest more in infrastructure, light rail, highways, bridges, broadband rollout. >> reporter: george allen says cutting taxes and regulations will create jobs. >> reducing the tacks to a more flat simple -- to a more flat simple comparative 20%, 500,000 jobs would be created a year. second, there's too many burden some regulations that are impediments to small businesses hiring. obamacare is one of them. >> reporter: that's why allen is out to repeal and replace the affordable healthcare act. >> obamacare is an impediment to any business that has anywhere near 50 employees. >> to repeal the affordable care act would be a bad thing.
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you would take kids who are 21 to 26, kick them off their family policies. the act did that. the affordable care act provided seniors free preventive care under medicare and helped them with prescription drug prices. suddenly they're not going to get that. >> reporter: president obama favors letting the bush era tax cuts expire for those making $250,000 or more. tim kaine wants the threshold raised to income levels at five hundred thousand and put the revenue towards -- at 500,000 put the revenue towards reducing budget cut in defense and domestic spending. >> if we let the bush tax cut expire over 500,000, we don't have to make a trillion dollars worth of cuts. we have to make $500 billion worth of cuts. >> to me it's wrong. the paramount responsibility of the federal government is national defense. what's needed is these cuts need to be stopped. respect allen is opposed to tax increases. >> we have a weak fragile
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economy. raising taxes doesn't create more jobs. >> both candidates' positions are closely aligned with their party's presidential candidates. neither allen nor mitt romney give details of what they might cut to balance the budget since they're opposed to raising taxes. allen says allowing more coal mining and offshore drilling will create a manufacturing renaissance, as he says, and make tax increases unnecessary. well, this is an age old question that's often debated and it may finally have an answer. can heterosexual guys and gals really building just friends? according to an -- really be just friends? according to an article, a researcher brought in 88 pairs of buddies and asked them separately if any of them had feelings towards their friend? men overwhelmly said they were attracted to their lady friend and thought the women probably felt the same and most women had no feelings toward their
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guy friends and would be surprised if their friends harbored any romantic thoughts. at 11:00 we'll hear your tweets about this. of course, you can have a platonic friend. >> absolutely. >> you're not surprised these guys thought the women were watching them. >> not as evolved as i am. >> you're' involved? >> i'm about as high as i get. that's what i'm told because i'm still a guy. we're looking at hurricane sandy. we're going to track sandy all week and into the weekend. she'll be in the news perhaps in a bigger way next week. we'll put this into motion for you now. she's north of kingston and bends northeast thursday at 2:00, winds 70 miles per hour and then we get into the friday afternoon hour. now it's back up to a category 1. this is when it will have the biggest effect on southeast florida with pretty strong winds and heavy rains, probably 3 to 6 inches of rain on the atlantic side of southeast
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florida. after that it does bend back northeast. this hasn't changed from yesterday. maybe it's a hair closer to shore put not close enough to do any wind -- but not close enough to do any wind damage to our shore or throw any rain our way. then after that the problem is it turns more north and west. here we love the spaghetti plots. each line represents a track where one computer model thinks the storm will go. notice what happens. we're getting a lot of confluence this storm will go back north and west by monday at 6:00. so if this happened, we'd be fine over the weekend and then we would have to worry about sandy. it would be an extra tropical storm sandy as we get into monday, tuesday, perhaps even wednesday next week. if it goes into new england and then retrogrades further south, we'll look at tropical storm winds and pretty good showers and rain. all right. live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, look at the colors. that is nice around the white house. highs 84, tied the only record
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high, by the way, 75 now, calm winds, pressure rising 30.07. currently 79 in rockville, 74 fairfax, 77 in college park, 73 in bowie. temps on the decline but slowly, mild tonight and dry, a little patchy fog possible tomorrow morning, grab or locate your umbrella for friday. we'll monitor sandy all week and all weekend and probably next week. for tonight becoming partly cloudy, mild, patchy fog, 52 to 60 with light winds. next three days our 9 weather alerts green, green and yellow, 75 tomorrow, few early clouds, not a bad day. a few showers friday, 70 and some showers saturday, 68. we'll go code yellow saturday. you may have to alter your plans a little. the next seven days showers ending sunday, some breaks in the clouds, 62. depending on sandy if she goes back into new england, we're looking at showers and either way much cooler air, only 50 for a high next wednesday.
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we'll be back with sport right after this. don't go away.
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and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> he's been gone several weeks away from the only team he's played for, but it didn't take long for chris cooley to feel at home again. thanks to a kind gesture by rookie quarterback kurt cousins cooley got his old locker back at redskins park. when it comes to his old position, he's got a little work to do. cooley says he's still in game shape, but he doesn't know his role come sunday's match-up in pittsburgh. one thing is for certain. cooley said his time way from the game made him want it even more. >> it was nice to sit back and look around and watch football games and watch the league and i looked at it and thought i can definitely do this. i know i'm as good as a lot of
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these players. >> cooley is cooley. he's not going to do nothing crazy. he's going to be himself. that's who he is and you learn to appreciate and love about what he brings to this team. >> linebacker london fletcher didn't practice due to a sore hamstring and is suffering balance problems. he will see a neurologist. also several weeks after no improvement receiver pierre garcon is seeing a specialist regarding his foot injury. we've seen the superman socks, but robert griffin, iii also has superhero figurines in his locker, spider-man and captain planet. an exclusive interview with our friend at usa today. the rookie says those figurines and what they represent serve as his motivation. >> you want to feel like you're super out there. i don't picture myself as a normal person when i play football and i don't think anyone else pictures me that way as well. so when it comes to maybe batman or a guy that doesn't have powers but uses a lot of
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gadgets, i like to think that i am super out there and i can do things that normal people can't. >> you can see that extended interview at 11:00. now sporting news magazine announced the winners of major league baseball's managers of the year, an honor voted on by a panel of 17 league managers. hopefully this cures some of your heartbreak, both honors coming to the dmv. orioles manager buck showalter won the american league after taking the birds to the postseason and davey johnson holds the national league honor after the nl east title. there's still time to vote in our high school game of the week, poll five. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night. go to usatodayhighschooldc to vote. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back with our area's only local newscast at 7:00.
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